When Henry Hutton’s winning poker hand lands him the deed to one hundred and sixty acres in Canada, he sets out to carve a haven in the Ontario wilderness for his girls. His granddaughters and nieces have no idea they are the sole beneficiaries of a sprawling compound, complete with an impressive hunting lodge and living quarters. With destiny calling, they leave their lives in Reno behind to embark on a journey of self-discovery and forgiveness. But their arrival in Canada brings more than they expected when they encounter two strangers who share a childhood secret. A secret that will alter the women’s lives forever.


About The Authors:

George and Jeanette (Jean) Morrow have lived in Nevada almost all their lives raising 4 boys out on their small farm in rural Nevada. They’ve written numerous children’s books and now are happy to present their first novel with the help of Renee Clark. Renee Clark spends her time writing and enjoying the sunshine in Florida, where she retired, to be closer to her daughter. Check us all out on qpress.com.


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