Mechanistic Alien Culture: Many episodes of the classic sci fi

//Mechanistic Alien Culture: Many episodes of the classic sci fi

Murder Is the Best Solution: Wolverine’s opinion on how best to deal with both Wanda and Billy. While his desire to kill Wanda is justifiable to an extent, there’s no excuse for his gleeful desire to kill Wiccan. The first time Wolverine tried to kill Billy, Billy had done nothing wrong, and the Avengers weren’t even sure how powerful he was or if he even was Wanda’s son for all they knew at the time, they’d already seen the extent of his powers at the beginning of the series, and killing him would just have been a pointless cruelty. Mechanistic Alien Culture: Many episodes of the classic sci fi anthology featured aliens with ambiguously robotic characteristics. Mildly Military: “The Invisible Enemy”. The officers in the second mission repeatedly disobey orders and get each other killed.

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